Towing and Rentals
In case you are not able to operate your vehicle and need immediate assistance, Turbo Auto Body makes it easy to arrange for local towing service to come to assistance and transport your vehicle.

In order to best serve you as you wait for your scheduled vehicle to be serviced, Turbo Auto Boy can arrange for all of its customers the option to request a rental vehicle from our on-site Hertz facility. Alternatively, we also offer the option to rent a vehicle from Enterprise Rent-a-Car. We offer a variety of makes and models to match the current lifestyle of all of our customers.

Hertz and Enterprise offer great low rates and prevents our guests from having to rely or depend on public transportation.
Feel free to ask us about our rental services and how soon we can get you mobile!

Free Shuttle Services
If a rental service is not the best option for you, no worries! Turbo Auto Body is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations.
Simply let us know that you would prefer to be picked up or dropped off and one of our friendly service staff will be on their way to assist you!

Language & Diversity
Turbo Auto Body Offers Support in languages other than English, including:

Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Hindi and Vietnamese

​For inquiries, call us at (510) 534-5454